Community building for token networks

Submission instructions and details

Hacking ends on the 27th October 6:00 PM PST

Steps to submit your hack

Visit our hackathon page here:

  1. Click “Start work”
  2. Format your submission as a document, using this as a template:
  3. Submit via “apply for bounty”

Prizes and bounties

Learn more:

Hack submission judging

The overall theme for judging will be focused on how well projects leveraged composability to build something new and interesting.

Our judges for the hackathon

  • J1mmmy, Avastars
  • Lasse Clausen, 1kx
  • Alex Atallah, OpenSea
  • Nichanan Kesonpat, Last of Ours
  • Conlan, Async Art
  • Jiho, Axie Infinity
  • Drew Harding, MetaFactory
  • Nethan, Sandbox


✧ This is an overview of Untitled Hackathon’s bounties and community submitted ideas for everyone to experiment with. Thank you to the 70+ individuals who’ve contributed hackathon ideas ✧


Peter ‘pet3rpan’

1kx. MetaCartel. Venture DAO.

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