Understanding what matters, and what doesn’t

Pre-requisite reading:
Roles in community building (settler, explorer, planner)

Community building is the process of bringing together people for the purposes of achieving a set of shared goals and missions.

This is mission critical for every token network that intends to be operated by a decentralized community of token holders and contributors.

When hiring for team members to drive community building efforts, there are three general ways to consider candidates:

  1. [value alignment] Are they aligned with the values and overall mission of the community?
  2. [track record] Do they have any past crypto community-building experience? …

How DAOs become DAOs

A topic to be expanded on in the future.

For the time being, this diagram should suffice.

The challenge of starting communities

Communities thrive because of their contributors.

But, people only contribute to communities if they trust that their time and energy are going to be put to good use.

This trust takes time to build and cannot be rushed.

Let’s take a look what the journey of a contributor looks like:

Over time as community members contribute, and are increasingly validated and rewarded for their work, they become increasingly more willing to increase their commitments to the community — whether time, effort, or resources.

And the more their peers give and the more they gain from the community, the more likely…

Bootstrapping community resource allocation

In this post, we’ll run through the operational processes required to set up a grants program with the goal of rewarding, retaining, and attracting contributors for a token community. Written for community managers.

Grant programs at their core are the process in which community members are able to request resources, funding, and support to work on initiatives within a community.

Token networks require a variety of contributions to function, from:

  • Providing liquidity to capital pools
  • Contributing to open source software development
  • And even the creation of memes, etc…

The core goal of a token community’s resource allocation strategy is to…

The blossoming chili tree of Ethereum

From a working group 3 years ago to now, a network of DAOs and individuals, we all have the spirit of the dancing chili in our hearts. MetaCartel stands for a builders ethos for the decentralized web, a culture that will continue to exist long after our DAOs decentralized and fractalize across the ether.

Long live the Chilli, long live the Cartel.

So what happened in 2020?

In 2020, despite our setbacks, we were a busy bunch.

🌶 MetaCartel Ecosystem

  • [Feb] ETHDenver: JamesW lead the way, organizing our hacker houses as head field marshal, we came out in full force.
  • [April] Dragon Quest: MetaCartel runs its first virtual…

Settlers, explorers, town planners

Community building is the process of bringing a group of people together to achieve a set of collective goals.

It is a practice that requires different aptitudes. Most commonly we can observe three main roles involved in the community building process:

  • The Settlers (operates, focused on steady state growth and maintenance)
  • The Explorers (experiments, focused on growing via leaps and bounds)
  • The Town planners (strategizes, focused on optimizing efforts)

The settlers (community management)

The settlers of a community maintain a community’s core basic functions and is focused on facilitating steady state organic growth.

This role is what most commonly understand as the ‘community manager’.

A valueless NFT hackathon. Finally complete.

We hope you took the time during this recent month to start a new project.

Something untitled.

Thank you all to those who helped share ideas, to those who hacked, and to those that helped cross-pollinate feedback amongst the discord server.

Thank you to the sponsors: Avatars, Matic, xDAI, and MetaCartel for funding the prizes and time spent on this hackathon ++ Async art, Ark Gallery, NIFTIES, Sandbox,NIFTEX, MetaFactory for your support.

Shout out to the judges: J1mmmy, Alex Atallah, Nichanan Kesonpat, Conlan, Lasse Clausen, Jiho, Drew Harding, and Nathan.

An initiative proudly created by 1kx.

And without further ado, our winners for the Untitled hackathon are…

1. reNFT

A protocol layer that…

Submission instructions and details


Thank you to everyone who hacked, shared ideas, and jammed in our discord!

Hacking ends on the 27th October 6:00 PM PST

Steps to submit your hack

Visit our hackathon page here:

  1. Click “Start work”
  2. Format your submission as a hack.md document, using this as a template:
  3. Submit via “apply for bounty”

Prizes and bounties

Learn more:

Hack submission judging

The overall theme for judging will be focused on how well projects leveraged composability to build something new and interesting.

The main hackathon prizes will be judged by our judges and each respective bounty judged by the bounty creators (Avastars, Matic Network etc.)

Our judges for the hackathon

  • J1mmmy, Avastars
  • Lasse Clausen, 1kx
  • Alex Atallah, OpenSea
  • Nichanan Kesonpat, Last of Ours
  • Conlan, Async Art
  • Jiho, Axie Infinity
  • Drew Harding, MetaFactory
  • Nethan, Sandbox


Start date of hackathon: 8th Oct. (Today)

End date of hackathon: 27th Oct.

Sign up as a hacker:

Discord community:

Big thanks to Matic Network, xDAI, Avastars, MetaCartel

✧ This is an overview of Untitled Hackathon’s bounties and community submitted ideas for everyone to experiment with. Thank you to the 70+ individuals who’ve contributed hackathon ideas ✧



Today we are announcing our start/end dates for the hackathon:


🔷 Start date: 8th Thursday, Oct.

🔷 End date: 27th Wednesday, Oct.


Big thank you to our sponsors

Eternal thanks to our main sponsors for Untitled:

  • Avastars
  • Matic Network
  • xDAI
  • MetaCartel

Shout-out to everyone else who’ve contributed NFTs, bounties, and special goodies the prize pool for the hackathon:

NIFTEX, WIP Meetup, Async Art, Nifties.com, Arweave, Marble Cards, Ark Gallery, Axie Infinity, 1kx, SandBox, Bruce Goose, and MetaFactory.


Prizes: $DAI + Tokens + NFT Loot

Peter ‘pet3rpan’

1kx. MetaCartel. Venture DAO.

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