Ethereum’s response to EIP0 Results: Governance & Community

What values does Ethereum believe in and what is the future the community wants to create?

Art from the Song Dynasty — China’s age of invention
Ideas board:

1. How do we govern Ethereum?

While not a surprise, governance was on the top of the proverbial list. With nearly over a third of people believing Ethereum to be failing at governance, we had replies about how Ethreum failed to learn from the DAO hardkfork and how there was little clarity and order around the current governance process.

The discussion thread for EIP999 — Painting from the Qing Dynasty, Guangxu Period
  • We all touched upon this at the end of EIP0 — communication. While people might comment on disorganization, lack of clarity or criticism of the decisions made, I believe they are underlying symptoms of poor communication. The governance decision making process is opaque and strewn all over the place from twitter threads to obscure wordpress blogs. We need a community recognized stage where all governance related issues are documented and collected.

“Communication. We need to bridge the gaps in communication. However, it is hard if we don’t even agree on what are our shared values.“

James Hancock mentioned how that politics 50 years ago is not politics today, politics 50 years ago will not be the same as today. Locking ourselves into a set of ideals now, not only has its worries, it is impossible to know what the belief systems of the future will be. We are ever evolving groups that change and grow over time.

  • What does Ethereum want to be? What is its vision? What values does Ethereum embody? What the boundaries of Ethereum? — Start writing and releasing manifestos written by teams or individuals?
  • We need better communication of problems along with greater visibility and clarity behind the governance rationale — Establish a central stage where all aspects of governance can be documented?
  • We need full time focus on governance. They need to be the right people and I don’t mean people with credentials. They need to be people who truly care about Ethereum and people you believe and trust in — Fund individuals to figure out governance. “Ethereum wide product managers who present problems and facilitate problem solving” (Sounds similar to politicians? eh.)

2. What is the Ethereum Foundation?

Unlike concerns about the governance of issues like EIP999, there was a wide angle of issues directed towards the Ethereum Foundation (EF). Responses had concerns over the direction of funding. How much, when and who. Is funding going to the right places? How is funding decided upon? Who is it decided by? Who controls the EF? Who works for the EF? How is the organisation structured? How can others participate in the governance of the Ethereum Foundation? Sounds like a lot of ambiguity!

The Ethereum Foundation’s mission is to promote and support Ethereum platform and base layer research, development and education to bring decentralized protocols and tools to the world that empower developers to produce next generation decentralized applications (dapps), and together build a more globally accessible, more free and more trustworthy Internet.

What other functions is it involved in? How does it stay impartial? Where does the influence of the EF start and end?

“its a trap” — quote from the General Ackbar, a song dynasty commander
  • What is Ethereum Foundation’s specific function within the community? What is it involved with? Events, grants or even media? Where do the responsibilities start and end? — Clarify
  • Implement transparency — As discussed

Part 1 conclusion

I think these suggestions could provide for a first step and serve well as the start of discourse threads. I am only one person, please help drive this. There are many things which I haven’t addressed! Please explore the responses yourself. More interpretations are welcome. Happy to contribute.

9 Fishes for prosperity — created by Artist Yang Hua

“The DAO hack was a lot of fun. It was like living in a science fiction movie.”

ps. Thanks to James Hancock for valuable points, ideas and additions to the draft of this piece.



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