House of Summoners (Edition I)

The best community operators in crypto

What is the house of summoners?

  • Highly capable and competent in their own area of focus
  • Are responsible for significant impact via the result of their work

Categories of summoners

  • Explorers: Starting communities, those that got a DAO off the ground.
  • Settlers: Running communities, those that run and coordinate DAOs.
  • Town planners: Scaling communities, guiding a DAO as it scales.



Town planners


  • Summoner of Moloch DAO
  • Revived the entire DAO movement
  • Type: Explorer, Townplanner
  • Champion of the Axie Ecosystem
  • Fostered the strongest grassroots community in crypto
  • Type: Explorer, Settler, Townplanner
  • Creators of the WIP Meetup
  • Arguabley the ‘original’ beginning of the NFT community as we know it
  • Type: Explorer, Settler



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