House of Summoners (Edition I)

The best community operators in crypto

Peter ‘pet3rpan’
3 min readDec 11, 2021

What is the house of summoners?

People often conflate audience building with community building — which is the act of bringing together people to achieve a shared goal and outcome.

In my personal opinion, this work is often underappreciated and much harder than audience building. I’m curating this list of individuals in the community as an effort to bring more light and representation to that very valuable work.

I only considered operators who were mainly involved with building crypto communities (but mainly DAOs), and only those with proven track records at long-term roles where they were 100% responsible for their work.

The following operators are… [one of the following or both]

  • Highly capable and competent in their own area of focus
  • Are responsible for significant impact via the result of their work

Categories of summoners

  • Explorers: Starting communities, those that got a DAO off the ground.
  • Settlers: Running communities, those that run and coordinate DAOs.
  • Town planners: Scaling communities, guiding a DAO as it scales.

Special category: Slayers — I’ve also set aside a few individuals whose work has permanently impacted the entire crypto space. Their mark will be felt forever as ‘slayers of Moloch’. They are the S tier summoners who shall be remembered.

We haven’t yet learned how to fully ‘DAO’ yet but this is just a fun celebration of the real ones who are doing the hard work.


Austin Griffith — Summoner of Buidl Guidl (patron saint of ETH Developers)

Alexis G. & Sara R. & Medha K.— Creators of She256 (leaders in diversity)

Jess Sloss — Summoner of SeedClub (created THE social tokens community)

Burningfiat&Metadreamer — Summoners of MetaFactory (1st culture DAO)

Cooper & Trevor — Summoners of Fwb (meme’d social tokens into reality)

Ivangbi — Creator of the Lobsterchat (an important home for DeFi Degens)

Leighton Crusak — Summoner of PleasrDAO (invented NFT collector DAOs)

Luke Duncan — Summoner of 1Hive (first thriving community on xDAI)

Maggie Love — Creator of SheFi (established onboarding for women in DeFi)

MP — Creator of EthBerlin & DoD (made Ethereum a special community)

Lucas Campbell & Frogmonkee (executed the launch of the 1st media DAO)

Gabby Dizon — Summoner of Yield Guild (evangelized play to earn)

Ross Campbell — Summoner of LexDAO (home of all things Crypto x Law)

Vivek Singh — Creator of Gitcoin Kernel (a critical onboarding community)


Griff Green — Creator of Giveth & CommonStack (OG supporter of DAOs)

Joyce Yang — Summoner of GCR (running community investing org)

Carlos, Caroline, Jihad — DAO Members at ForeFront

Nich, Kseniya, Ann W, Zayi — DAO Members at MetaGammaDelta

Yalor Arnold — Operator at MetaCartel (runs all things MetaCartel)

Eric Arsenault — Lead at Rarible DAO (runs point on all things DAO)

Victor Rortvedt & Callum Gladstone — Members at MetaCartel Ventures

Priyanka Desai — ops at the LAO, Flamingo (leading several DAOs to victory)

Tae — Operator at RaidGuild (currently leading RaidGuild)

Spencer Graham & Dekan — DAOhaus(leading and coordinating DAOhaus)

Scott Moore & Kevin Owocki — Gitcoin DAO (organising & experimenting)

Punia & Greg — IndexCoop (ran the bootstrapping of Index Coop)

Alex Napherys — OceanDAO (lead the creation and growth of OceanDAO)

Niran — Creator of Panvala & DAOrushweek (interDAO facilitator)

Town planners

Amy Jung — fmr Head of Community at MakerDAO (DAOified MakerDAO)

Pepperoni Joe — Wise owl at Index Coop (currently scaling Index Coop)

Trachetoteryx — Contributor at Yearn (led efforts to scale Yearn ecosystem)


Ameen Solemani

  • Summoner of Moloch DAO
  • Revived the entire DAO movement
  • Type: Explorer, Townplanner


  • Champion of the Axie Ecosystem
  • Fostered the strongest grassroots community in crypto
  • Type: Explorer, Settler, Townplanner

Rizzle & Matthew

  • Creators of the WIP Meetup
  • Arguabley the ‘original’ beginning of the NFT community as we know it
  • Type: Explorer, Settler